It's been hell not having you here.

Hi, I'm Bree(:
Been alive for 17 years ;]
Born on June 15, 1996

Dating the love of my life,

Wifeh/BFFE - Casseh
Hubby - Jenn
Hooker - Ash
Lesbian Lover- Cali
Freshie/Son - Terran
Softie - Katie
My Ash - Ashley

I'm completely obsessed with the color teal.
I consider myself straight but have a slight attraction to girls.

Things I like in a guy: Loyalty, cute smile, funny, kind, cuddly, gentleman qualities, sexy, flirty, tattoos, piercings, etc :3
Things I like in a girl: Long hair, tattoos, piercings, very cute and funny, cuddly, sexy.

Likes~~Love, Music, true friends, internet, roses, clothes, dancing, styling hair, smiling, cuddling, kissing.
Dislikes~~Haters, stupid people, fakes, posers, heartbreak, pain.

I feel like it's my job to keep everyone around me happy and safe, so I am very protective and I love helping others with things. If you need to rant or need advice, I am always here and would feel honored to help anyone.

I'm done ranting about myself for now xD
If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! I love answering questions:]

The most beautiful sight ever. Omfg. -dramatic happy crying-

The most beautiful sight ever. Omfg. -dramatic happy crying-

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